Veterans Affairs Publishes New Regulation on Clothing Allowance Eligibility

A final regulation published in the Federal Register expands the eligibility criteria for clothing allowances for veterans with multiple prosthetic or orthotic devices or skin conditions caused by prescribed medications.

The new criteria will allow veterans with service-related disabilities to apply for more than one clothing allowance in situations where distinct garments are affected, according to a press release. Veterans who wear a prosthetic or orthotic device that tends to wear out or tears clothing and those who have a skin condition that requires a medication that damages or stains clothing are eligible. The new criteria ensures that veterans are adequately compensated for any clothing damage

“Veterans whose service-connected disabilities require prosthetic appliances and skin medications deserve financial assistance for the extra clothing they have to purchase,” Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veteran Affairs, stated in the release. “A federal appeals court has ruled that veterans may be entitled to more than one clothing allowance, and we are adjusting our regulations to make sure veterans get the benefit of that decision.”

The VA is in the process of revising the Application for Annual Clothing Allowance, and veterans will be able to apply for multiple clothing allowances in 2012. Currently, the single annual clothing allowance is $716. Those who wish to claim more than one allowance can download and complete the necessary forms at and

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