Pendulum Design Encourages Natural Gait in Knee Joint System

John Schulte
John Schulte

LAS VEGAS – Fillauer Companies Inc. introduced the Basko SPL-2 orthotic knee joint system with improved features at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting, here. The joint is designed with a pendulum feature that allows the practitioner to control the anatomical knee joint during gait, rather than locking it through the entire walking cycle. The joint allows for a more natural gait and increased level of function and distance.

Controlling the anatomical knee represents a significant change in the way orthotic practitioners treat patients with absent or weak hip flexors or those who require knee flexion stability during stance or gait, according to John Schulte, CPO, FAAOP, clinical instructor with Fillauer Companies. Candidates also may include patients with multiple sclerosis, myopathy, nerve inflammation, and disc and spinal column diseases.

“It’s what we call the next generation of orthotic knee design,” Schulte said.

The SPL-2 orthotic knee joint system has four modes of operation:
automatic locking mode, manual unlock, free motion mode and manual lock. It
locks before heel contact and unlocks again after mid-stance, reducing the risk
of falls. There is no weight restriction when the orthosis is designed using
double sidebars; with a single sidebar, the weight limit is 220 lbs. Any type
of orthotic ankle design may be used in conjunction with the orthosis. A
15º security stop locks to prohibit accidental buckling. The orthosis is
also self lubricating.

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