Ability Announces Sponsorship of Project Enduring Pride


Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics announced that it is now a sponsor of Project Enduring Pride, a community outreach program designed to help wounded soldiers and veterans gain the confidence and independence necessary to return to the civilian community.

Ability’s gift will help fund activities and events related to fulfilling the mission of Project Enduring Pride, which was founded in 2005.

“We provide a regional community support umbrella of activities and events which are organized to help plan, coordinate, arrange and conduct recreational and educational support to a wide diverse set of seriously wounded service member who are outpatients at military hospitals and Veterans Affairs health care facilities,” Ken Strafer, the Project’s director and founder, stated in a press release. “These events include sports, recreational, developmental, career counseling and benefit counseling.”

“We are happy to sponsor Project Enduring Pride,” Jeffrey Brandt, CPO, Ability’s chief operating officer, stated in the release. “Ken and his group do an excellent job providing our veterans with additional access to events and activities that build confidence and promote recovery.”

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