ABC Releases Mastectomy Fitter Practice Analysis

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Inc. (ABC) has released the 2011 Practice Analysis of ABC Credentialed Mastectomy Fitters.

Mastectomy fitters were surveyed to identify changes in the profession related to the delivery of care, the items and services available, and the technology in use today. The strategy included a validation study to determine current trends in patient care, technology, and practice management in the provision of post-mastectomy items and services by ABC certified mastectomy fitters.

“We wanted to get an idea of what current mastectomy fitter practice looks like in order to meet the ever changing needs of the profession,” Jeanine Doty, CPO, CFm, ABC’s Practice Analysis Task Force chair, stated in a press release. “We were very pleased with the positive responses we received from the professionals surveyed.”

ABC’s Practice Analysis Task Force and ABC executive director Catherine Carter worked with Professional Examination Services to create and implement the analysis.

The overall return rate for the survey was 26%, which is a very positive return rate for this type of survey. “The mastectomy fitters who participated in the survey have provided a great service to their profession,” Doty said. “Only those working within the profession can give us a comprehensive and contemporary look into their specific knowledge and skill sets.”

ABC will use the results of the practice analysis survey to assure that its mastectomy fitter credentialing exams are continually relevant for individuals entering the profession. The results will also be used to identify specific topics for in-service and continuing education programs as well as provide guidance for education providers in regard to curriculum review and program self-assessment.

“As a result of the survey we’ll be able to provide the National Commission on Orthotics and Prosthetics Education (NCOPE) with pertinent information on what mastectomy fitter students need to learn and what information to disseminate,” Carter stated in the release.

The analysis is is available at

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