Ottobock debuts orthotronic mobility system

Ottobock has announced the debut of the C-Brace. According to a company press release, the C-Brace helps prevent wear and tear and provides the appropriate damping or extension resistance, as well as support throughout the gait cycle, which is controlled physiologically.

The target groups for the C-Brace include orthoses wearers with insufficient knee extensors, patients with incomplete paraplegia, post-polio syndrome or other causes of severely limited mobility. Real-time data ensure the wearer is prepared for the next movement, helping them descend stairs, change speeds, to walk with controlled knee flexion and to move more smoothly and efficiently.

“We are thrilled to introduce this type of product, especially with the opportunity to measure the outcome for patients — whether numerically or in patient satisfaction,” Brad Ruhl, president and chief executive officer of Ottobock, stated in the release.

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