Amputee Coalition awarded 3-year recertification

The Amputee Coalition has been awarded certification through the National Health Council Standard of Excellence Certification Program, which extends from Jan. 1, 2013, through Dec. 31, 2015, according to a press release.

The recertification means the Amputee Coalition maintains high levels of transparency, accountability and public stewardship in meeting the 41 standards adopted by the National Health Council’s board of directors. The standards cover the areas of governance, human resources, programs, fundraising, finance, accounting and reporting and evaluation.

“The Amputee Coalition is proud to meet the Standards of Excellence set by the National Health Council,” Marshall Cohen, chairman of the Coalition’s board of directors, stated in the release. “Transparency is essential for a nonprofit organization such as the Amputee Coalition. It reinforces to the limb loss community, our partners and our donors, as well as the general public, our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care and preventing limb loss.

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