LIMBS collaborates with UTEP for research, educational opportunities

The University of Texas at El Paso is collaborating with LIMBS International to provide new research and educational opportunities for students.

Lab space at the University of Texas at El Paso’s (UTEP’s) new biomedical engineering and bioinformatics building will house the new initiative. In June 2013, UTEP will host an engineering summit to review the projects and plan for future collaborations at universities around the country and other parts of the world.

“We believe LIMBS’ presence here will continue UTEP’s long history of academic and research excellence,” Richard Schoephoerster, PhD, dean of UTEP’s college of engineering, stated in a press release. “We are excited to see how our students can help LIMBS achieve its mission to help amputees in developing countries through sustainable technological solutions.”

Several research grants have also been awarded by LIMBS to teams at Louisiana Tech University, the University of Hartford and the Universidad Technologico de Monterrey at Guadalajara, Mexico, to develop other low-cost prosthetic components, allowing LIMBS to provide sustainable solutions to a broader range of amputees.

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