In Memoriam: Jeff Schoenfeld

Jeff Schoenfeld, chairman and chief executive officer of PAL Health Technologies, passed away on November 28 at his Naples, Fla. residence at the age of 64.

A founding member of PAL Health Technologies, Schoenfeld lead his team to develop a comprehensive catalog of corrective foot devices including custom orthotics, diabetic and accommodative inserts and ankle braces, according to a press release. Within the last decade, PAL developed XtremityOne, a digital foot imaging software system allowing for electronic storage of foot scans and ordering of custom foot orthoses.

“It was an honor and a privilege to work for Jeff for 30 years. The amount of guidance and dedication he had for PAL was phenomenal. He was a true leader and will be missed immensely,” Becky Hacker, a PAL employee, stated.

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