Study: Diabetic footwear not worn at home

Patients with diabetes prescribed to wear custom footwear infrequently wear this footwear at home where the largest amount of walking occurs, according to study results recently published in Diabetes Care.

The study included 107 patients with diabetes, neuropathy, a recently healed plantar foot ulcer and custom-made footwear. The researchers monitored footwear use with a shoe-mounted, temperature-based monitor and daily step count with an activity monitor worn on the ankle over a period of 7 consecutive days. Adherence was calculated as the percentage of steps that prescription footwear was worn.

The researchers found patients took an average of 4,000 steps at home and 2,600 steps outside of the home. They also found that, on average, custom footwear was not worn for 25% of steps taken overall, and not worn for 32% of steps at home.

“The results show that adherence to wearing custom-made footwear is insufficient, particularly at home, where patients exhibit their largest walking activity,” the authors wrote in the study abstract. “This low adherence is a major threat for reulceration.”

For more information:

Waaijman R. Diabetes Care. 2013 Jan 15. [Epub ahead of print]

Disclosures: The researchers have no relevant financial disclosures.

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