LAS VEGAS — Jeff Retallack, CP, the clinic manager for Hanger’s Thornton and Lafayette, Colo. offices, discussed the importance of a well maintained office at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting, here.

According to Retallack, a clean and organized office will create a good first impression, set a clinic apart from its competition and generate a more efficient and productive work environment.

“In my opinion, a lab in disarray is unproductive,” Retallack said. “If you are always searching for tools, you waste time digging through piles looking for the right things.”

Retallack recommends creating a storage system for tools and supplies that should be utilized by all employees to ensure that things remain organized and more time can be spent more efficiently with patients.


Jeff Retallack


A clean and organized office will also help patients feel more comfortable, as they often walk around the exam room without shoes or are asked to partially undress. A clean office presentation will help increase patient comfort in these situations.

“Our patients are often in very uncomfortable situations,” Retallack said. “And if your office is a mess and things are unkempt, it’s only going to make the patient feel more uneasy.”

For more information:

Retallack J. The importance of an organized clinic. Presented at The Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting; Feb.5-7, 2013; Las Vegas.

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