The Orthotic and Prosthetic Group of America (OPGA) announced a new partnership with Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc.

Ongoing Care Solutions, Inc. (OCSI) carries a diverse selection of prefabricated contracture management therapies, including static orthoses for positional therapy, orthoses for the management and rehabilitation of patients with mild to severe contractures and spasticity, as well as orthoses that provide functional support in rehabilitation for orthopedic indications. OCSI offers clinical guidance and an orthotic selection guide to assist practitioners in selecting the most appropriate orthotic therapy.

“Partnering with OCSI allows our members access to great contracture management splints/systems. OCSI comes to us with a complete line of tried and true contracture splints as well as an education series to help us more professionally deliver this care,” Dennis Clark, CPO, president of OPGA, stated in a news release. “Contracture management, in the long term setting, can become a new improved and profitable revenue stream for many of our members.”

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