Brain computer interface system receives clinical research award

Research on a brain computer interface that allows patients to control a robot arm with their thoughts has been selected to receive one of the Clinical Research Forum’s (CRF) Annual Top 10 Clinical Research Achievement Awards.

The awards recognize research teams that published compelling examples in 2012 of the scientific innovation that results from the nation’s investment in clinical research that can benefit human health and welfare, according to the Clinical Research Forum’s (CRF). Jennifer Collinger, PhD, assistant professor of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Pitt School of Medicine, presented the research during the CRF annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

“I’m thrilled that the Clinical Research Forum found our project worthy of this award,” Collinger stated. “The team, which includes participant Jan Scheuermann, believes that the hard work we are doing now could one day help people with disabilaties attain better function and greater independence.”

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