FDA approves clamp for unmanageable amputations

The FDA approved new critical indications for the Combat Ready Clamp to treat unmanageable amputations and pelvic wounds not addressable with standard limb tourniquets.

A vise-like tourniquet, the Combat Ready Clamp is approved for use on all five anatomical junctions where life-threatening hemorrhage can occur, according to a press release from Combat Medical Systems.

“This has certainly been a team effort,” Chris Murphy, vice president of research and development at Combat Medical Systems, stated in the release. “The support we have received from the USAISR and Wake Forest University has been invaluable in our efforts to deliver this one-of-a-kind device. But it is the early adopters, the military leaders and, most importantly, our great military medics and corpsman that serve our fallen every day that deserve the most credit.”

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