United Spinal Association leads gathering to address rights of disabled

The United Spinal Association and leaders from the National Spinal Cord Injury Association will gather in Washington DC from June 16-19 for the second annual Roll on Capitol Hill to express to legislators the need for greater access to health care and wheelchairs.

Roll on Capitol Hill (ROCH) attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Capitol Hill offices of their representatives and other key legislators to personally discuss policies that affect their lives and protect their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Legislative topics that will be the focal point of ROCH include ensuring greater access to durable medical equipment and related services, prescription drugs and outpatient therapy; quality health care and community supports and services; competitive integrated employment opportunities; the preservation of disability benefits under social security; and civil rights protections.

“This important gathering empowers individuals with disabilities to be part of the dialogue on Capitol Hill and at the state and local level,” Paul J. Tobin, president and chief executive officer of United Spinal Association, stated in a press release.

For more information about the public policy priorities to be addressed at ROCH, visit www.unitedspinal.org/action-center/2013-position-papers/.

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