Survey reveals negative response to CMS prostheses documentation template

A survey conducted by Quality Outcomes revealed that participants of the Open Door Forum held by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) on May 28 are more discouraged about the future of the O&P profession after attending the forum.

The forum addressed CMS’s proposed documentation template for physicians to use when prescribing lower limb prostheses. Quality Outcomes surveyed participants of the forum, and 81 people responded.

When asked if they thought that the conference call clarified CMS’s position on laying out the provision of O&P care, 58% answered “no.” A second question asked if the conference call affected their view of the future that CMS is laying out for the O&P profession, and 65% responded “I am less positive about the profession’s future than before the call.”

Lastly, the survey asked participants if they felt that the O&P profession could affect the direction that CMS is taking toward increased documentation requirements, and if they think that CMS is willing to listen to the views of the O&P profession and adapt its plans; 65% and 88% responded “no,” respectively.

In an open answer portion of the survey, respondents were asked if they had any ideas about increasing physician compliance regarding the “Dear Physician” letter and what the profession could do to positively impact the future. Responses included: the Dear Physician letter needs to be simplified; physicians need to be held more accountable for completing documentation; legislative actions need to occur to amend laws; and O&P needs to be separated from durable medical equipment.

To see the complete survey results and read participant comments visit here.

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