Results from a pilot study by Neuros Medical Inc. suggest that its Electrical Nerve Block technology provided significant pain relief for amputees who experience phantom limb pain.

The study, which was led by Amol Soin, MD, from the Kettering Health Network Innovation Center and Ohio Pain Clinic, included nine amputee patients. After a 12-month evaluation period, seven of the nine participants reported a 50% or greater reduction in pain. Significant pain reduction was also reported in 91% of all treatment sessions, and participants reported an average pain score reduction from six to one based on a zero to 10 rating scale, with 10 being the highest level of pain.

More than half of the study participants discontinued narcotic pain medication during the treatment period and no safety issues were reported.

“We are extremely pleased with the opportunity to improve the lives of amputees. Our study results have shown that study subject pain scores are consistently and significantly reduced over this long term evaluation,” Jon J. Snyder, president and chief executive officer of Neuros Medical, stated in a news release. “This provides further clinical evidence of the strong potential of our treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain. We look forward to sharing more details at the upcoming International Neuromodulation Society’s 11th World Congress in Berlin, Germany, June 8-13.”

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