Ottobock launches two new products

Ottobock recently announced the launch of the WalkOn Reaction AFO and the Harmony E2 electronic vacuum pump option for the Harmony Volume Management System.

The lightweight, low profile WalkOn Reaction AFO is fabricated from a prepeg advanced carbon composite. According to a press release, it is designed for patients with weak dorsiflexion, post-stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular atrophy, peronealparalysis, slight knee extension impairment and partial foot amputation, and works with almost any patient weight.

“Our mission at Ottobock is always to provide high-quality and innovative products to enhance physical comfort, confidence, independence and mobility,” Brad Ruhl, president and chief executive officer of Ottobock US HealthCare, stated in the release. “There are no activity restrictions including when sitting, kneeling and even walking down stairs.”

Resistant to sweat, dust and rain, the Harmony E2 can be easily removed for charging, weight reduction or switching between legs while its integrated valve keeps the vacuum in the socket. According to a press release, a rotary switch features four manual levels to adjust vacuum to personal preferences from comfort to high suspension, a reverse mode and an automatic mode that adjusts elevated vacuum according to activity level so no manual switching is necessary.

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