Ottobock debuts original film at ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival

On Nov. 3, Ottobock debuted its original film Limitless at the ReelAbilities Disabilities Film Festival in Minneapolis.

The film profiles how Ottobock employee Leslie Pitt Schneider managed limb loss early in her life and how she has worked to achieve her personal goals and empower other amputees. Amputees may relate to Schneider’s story as it balances the challenges and complexities of a disability with the many ways success can be measured.

“Not everyone will be a super athlete or have the desire for daring expeditions, but many understand the impact on quality of life that comes from sources of support such as family and the medical community,” Karen Lundquist, MBC, director of corporate communications for Ottobock, stated in a press release. “Although no two experiences are alike, having a sense of what to expect can make all the difference in being more empowered about your own care and what your opportunities are. It is so important for people, friends and family who are coping with or facing limb loss to be able to hear other people’s stories and Ottobock is honored to help achieve that as a sponsor of the ReelAbilities film festival.”

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