Deadline nears for NUPOC survey of farmer, rancher amputees

The Northwestern University Prosthetics-Orthotics Center (NUPOC), in partnership with the National AgrAbility Project, is conducting a survey of farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers and livestock handlers who have limb amputations to determine how prosthetic components used — or rejected — by farmers and ranchers can be improved to better serve these individuals.

Based on interviews with farmers who have either upper-limb or lower-limb amputations and prosthetists, the objective of the survey is to develop a broader representation of the concerns of farmers and ranchers with limb amputations in order to establish priorities for improvements. The researchers specifically want to increase the representation of different types and levels of amputation, different farming and livestock operations, the variety of components used or tried and rejected and the diversity of geographic regions.

The deadline for completing the survey is March 31. It is is available online and in print form on the project page here.

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