Patient Aligned Care Teams improve health care for veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTs), is improving access to health care for veterans, according to recent data released by the VA.

The Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACTs) comprise a provider, a registered nurse care manager, a clinical and administrative associate. Pharmacists, social workers, nutritionists, and behavioral health staff also support the teams.

“PACTs provide the right combination of health care professionals to develop a personalized health plan for each veteran and deliver care conveniently at primary care clinics and through new eHealth options,” VA secretary Eric K. Shinseki stated in a press release.  

Since its inception in 2010, the PACT program has received increased support in medical centers, improving care management and coordination for veterans.

Nearly 65% of veterans requesting a same day primary care appointment with their personal provider are accommodated, and access to extended hours has increased 75% since January 2013. In addition, urgent care treatment has decreased 33%, acute hospital admissions have been reduced by 12% and post-discharge follow-up is implemented within 2 days for 72% of veterans.  

Shinseki said that the PACT program has changed the way veterans receive care by providing a team approach focused on physical and mental wellness, disease prevention and continued care.

“Through PACTs, VA is achieving more personalized, proactive and patient-driven care. As a result, veterans have access to the high quality health care they have earned and deserve.”

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