Touch Bionics adds enhancements to i-limb devices

Touch Bionics announced new features to the i-limb ultra-revolution, according to a company press release.

Bluetooth-enabled devices, called grip chips, will now let users assign a grip to an object and assist in performing of activities of daily living. Mobile my grips apps — biosim and my i-limb — include up to 12 additional grips that patients can customize for up to 36 different grip options.

The i-limb skin active TS allows patients to use touchscreen devices, such as smartphones or tablets, with compatible i-limb prostheses. Additionally, all i-limb prostheses will be compatible with Android devices.

“Our grip chips, my grips and i-limb skin active TS are innovative new products that provide significant opportunities for i-limb wearers to precisely control and utilize their bionic hands,” Ian Stevens, chief executive officer of Touch Bionics, stated in the release.

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