University of Central Florida announces new Center for Applied Biomedical Additive Manufacturing

The University of Central Florida has partnered with nonprofit group Limbitless Solutions to develop the Center for Applied Biomedical Additive Manufacturing, a resource for 3-D printed biomedical solutions.

The Center for Applied Biomedical Additive Manufacturing (CADAM) will be “a hub of innovation that will blend art, medical and engineering disciplines,” according to a press release.

“Limbitless Solutions is a prime example of a group of students with the ingenuity to turn an idea into a flourishing start-up enterprise,” Tom O’Neal, PhD, director of UCF’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and associate vice president of the UCF Office of Research and Commercialization. “We are excited to collaborate with them to develop the Center for Applied Biomedical Additive Manufacturing and look forward to seeing how this project transforms biomedical science the lives of individuals on a local, national and international level.”

CABAM will expand the work of Limbitless Solutions and support collaboration among scientists, medical doctors and engineers in the field of additive manufacturing.

“We are so excited to help build a generation of visionaries who use science to make a difference in the world around them,” John Sparkman, UCF engineering graduate student and a director of Limbitless Solutions, stated. “This partnership will help us continue to change children’s lives and to inspire and lead a new generation of students to do even more.”

Limbitless Solutions was founded in July 2014 and has delivered three 3-D printed prosthetic arms in the United States. It is staffed by volunteers, all of whom are students who build prostheses in their spare time using the UCF engineering manufacturing lab. The organization has since received requests from more than 40 countries, according to the release.


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