Streifeneder USA partners with OPIE Choice Network

The OPIE Choice Network and Streifeneder USA have entered into two agreements. According to the agreements, Streifeneder USA’s product catalog now will be available to all OPIE Integrated Suppliers, and Streifeneder USA is now a preferred, non-exclusive provider of mechanical knees for all OPIE Choice Network members.

“This new relationships with Streifeneder USA demonstrates how manufacturers and practices can work together to support one another in a new, collaborative manner,” Mark Ford, president of the OPIE Choice Network, stated in a company press release. “By bringing together suppliers through the Choice Network GPO and the use of the OPIE Purchasing tools, we can create improved efficiencies for both suppliers and practices throughout the country.”

“We have considered becoming involved with the OPIE System for many years,” Stephanie Olivo-Schulte, president and CEO of Streifeneder USA, stated. “With the development of the Choice Network GPO, it provided us with a unique opportunity to work closer with the Choice Network members with our high-quality mechanical knee products. By moving forward to become an OPIE Integrated Supplier, we are also bringing our extensive product line to all of the OPIE and Futura System users throughout the United States.”

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