Nia Technologies formed to improve access to O&P for children in developing nations

A nonprofit organization was recently formed in Canada to provide 3-D printed O&P devices for children in developing countries.

Nia Technologies Inc. was formed in partnership with the University of Toronto and Autodesk Research. Jerry P. Evans will serve as president and chief executive officer. According to a press release, “Nia” means “higher purpose” in Swahili and is reflective of the organization’s mission.

“We decided to launch Nia as a separate enterprise because we believe that developing innovative technologies to equip hospitals in poorer countries requires the full attention of a governance board and a leadership team,” Ed Epp, executive director of cbm Canada, said in the release. “It needs the nimbleness of a dedicated entity. It is about using technology to help more people with better services.”

Nia has conducted clinical evaluations at Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda and plans additional clinical trials to ensure the safety and effectiveness of its O&P offerings.  In addition to sockets, Nia will eventually extend its clinical trials to work on providing AFOs.


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