Amputee Coalition’s Limb Loss Task Force releases white paper

The Amputee Coalition has released a white paper titled “Roadmap for stimulating limb loss research and improving care: Recommendations from the 2015 Limb Loss Task Force.”

The recommendations, stemming from the coalition’s 2015 Limb Loss Task Force held in Boston, reflect the ideas of experts on amputee care and rehabilitation, limb loss prevention, vascular medicine, diabetes education, health care policy and model systems, as well as the ideas of leading amputee advocates and individuals in the limb loss community.

The paper builds on recommendations from previous task force summits by exploring the challenges and opportunities faced the limb loss community, according to a company press release. It focuses on how a limb loss model system can provide a platform for improving clinical care and can create an infrastructure to promote research about the limb loss community. It also focuses on developing strategies to address the lack of research about patients with limb loss.

According to the release, the paper emphasizes the mission of empowerment, research, education and advocacy through goals that include stimulating research, providing tools to educate stakeholders and generating evidence to support advocating public policy that improves care.

“We are pleased to release this research tool, which reaffirms the Amputee Coalition’s dedication to improving the lives of those who live with limb loss,” Jack Richmond, CPOA, interim president and chief executive officer of the coalition, said in the release. “Education, research and advocacy are the keys to sustaining and ensuring that people with limb loss maintain productive and successful lives. We sincerely thank these foremost experts in the field for dedicating 3 days to study the challenges at hand and provide recommendations for the future.”


Disclosure: The Amputee Coalition reports no relevant financial disclosures.

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