Myomo announces center of excellence program

Myomo Inc., a medical robotics company, has created a new program to partner with O&P clinics in the United States to provide joint marketing and training for the MyoPro line of powered orthoses, according to a company press release.

Seven O&P practices, with a combined 31 locations, have joined the Myomo Center of Excellence (COE) Program and met the training, quality and patient support requirements set by the company.

The practices include:

  • LimbLab, with clinics in Mankato and La Crosse, Wis.;
  • Handspring, which has clinics in Manhattan and Middletown, N.Y., as well as in Atlanta, Denver, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Tampa, Fla.;
  • Valley Institute of Prosthetics and Orthotics, in Bakersfield and Santa Clarita, Calif.;
  • Biodesigns, which has clinics in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, Calif.;
  • United Prosthetics, which has multiple clinics in the Boston area;
  • Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, with 10 clinics near Baltimore, as well as in Philadelphia and the Harrisburg-Hershey Region in Pa., Charlotte and Asheville, in N.C., and Washington, DC; and
  • Geauga Rehabilitation Engineering, with clinics in the Cleveland area.

“MyoPro is one of the most exciting and unique products to come along to the O&P industry in the last decade,” Thomas Kirk, a member of the Myomo board of directors, former president of the American Orthotics and Prosthetics Association (AOPA) and former chief executive officer of Hanger Inc., said in the release. “For those patients in the middle, where they had impaired functionality but still had the limb in place, there was no alternative and no answer. MyoPro, however, enables O&P practices to offer a highly functional upper extremity product that fills the gap between a passive orthosis and a prosthetic for amputees. As COEs, O&P practitioners can treat a broader range of patients.”

In addition, the COE clinics can partner with physicians and therapists from rehabilitation hospitals who recommend and prescribe MyPro orthoses, as well as train patients in how to use these devices.

In addition, Ottobock, a distribution partner with Myomo, is marketing the MyoPro line to Veterans Administration (VA) medical centers, providing clinical training and support.

“We look forward to working with these organizations who have demonstrated the product knowledge, skills supporting patients and revenue potential to qualify as Myomo Centers of Excellence,” Paul R. Gudonis, chairman and chief executive officer of Myomo, said in the release. “We are already planning joint continuing education courses for clinicians, joint media outreach and other joint activities with several of them, while also recruiting additional O&P firms across the United States to become Centers of Excellence.”


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