VIDEO: RevoFit Lanyard improved prosthesis functionality

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Use of the RevoFit Lanyard suspension system, developed by Click Medical, improved overall functionality in a prosthetic limb when compared with a pin lock system, according to Pam Hale, CPO, speaking at the New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Annual Meeting.

Hale, who is director of sales for Click Medical, presented a single-patient case study that compared the pin lock suspension system with the RevoFit Lanyard, which uses a Boa dial to completely pull the residual limb into the prosthesis and hold it secure. According to Hale, after 6 weeks of using the RevoFit Lanyard, the patient reported improvements in all but one indicator.

“He felt that, overall, the Revo lock system gave him a much better suspension and made the prosthesis more functional for him in many different ways,” she said. “It fit better, he had less sores and blisters on his residual limb, and he just felt that, overall, it was a better fit and function for him to utilize than the Revo lock system.”

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