O&P News Special Announcement

O&P News Special Announcement

The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) continues its stride toward innovation by creating an online presentation and platform for O&P News. With an efficient website and click-ready flip-book, advertisers are more likely to garner viewership and gain exposure in the overall health-care arena. As always, AOPA strives to provide the best resources and value for our members, as we continue to expand the scale of the publication and both the numbers and therapeutic breadth of its readership through this new platform.

As of September 2018, O&P News will no longer produce a print edition. We value our readership and acknowledge the demand of ready and quick access to the latest articles. You will have immediate digital access across all device platforms. Digital subscription is easy, just fill out the postcard with your email information featured in O&P News August 2018 issue. Or subscribe at bit.ly/OPNSubscribe. We are excited to expand our reach across all platforms and are thankful for all our readers!


Educate and inform health professionals who serve the greater limb-loss community and those living with mobility challenges.


O&P News targets the extended community of health professionals serving individuals living with mobility challenges and is their connection to relevant news from the world of orthotics and prosthetics.

With electronic distribution cresting 20,000 and print subscriptions over 12,000, it is clear that the O&P News audience is interested in receiving the magazine electronically. Therefore, AOPA has decided to begin electronic publication only beginning September 2018. August 2018 will be the last print issue.

Each issue will continue to feature clinical insights from top minds in patient care, research summaries, product news, and more.


Advertisers continue to express interest in an integrated advertising approach of print and digital ads. This can now be accomplished through the print platform of O&P Almanac and the digital platform of O&P News.

Advertisers will receive the added benefit of reaching a broader audience through advertisements in the magazine flip book as well as banner ads on the website and in the email distribution of the magazine. Get additional punch for your advertising investment through the greatly expanded breadth of readers and accountability of O&P News. Contact Bob Heiman at 856-673-4000 or bob.rhmedia@comcast.net to secure your placement!

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