Remembering Alexander Thomas LeTourneau

Alexander Thomas LeTourneau
Alexander Thomas LeTourneau

Alexander Thomas LeTourneau died suddenly on October 7, 2008. His passing dims a light in the world at the young age of 27. Alex was proud to stand with his father Thomas LeTourneau at LeTourneau Prosthetics. He was adored by his clients and respected by his colleagues for his truly giving nature. It is often said that a man will be measured by the sum of his deeds. If that is the case, the sum of his deeds was gigantic.

He was a volunteer for many charities and was known as having a golden heart for all. He was a family man and an expectant father. He was a proud business owner and president of Coastal Central Fabrication, a wholesale design and fabrication facility for medical devices. He received his education in Texas and Minnesota and was known to follow his father at the shop at the young age of 8. This strong desire continued the rest of his life. He loved his life, he loved his family, and he loved his city.

He is survived by his spouse and mother of his child, Kristin Johnson; father Thomas LeTourneau and stepmother Sandra; mother, Sue Scully; brothers, Troy LeTourneau and Anthony LeTourneau; step-sisters, Rhonda Spidahl Tauer and Shawn Spidahl Rice; and numerous aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces.

My son, farewell on this journey, stronger hands than mine now protect you.

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