The Community Foundation Awards Marianjoy Rehabilitation Grant for Assistive Technology Institute

The Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley in Wheaton, Ill. has awarded Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital a grant in the amount of $10,125 to be used in its Assistive Technology Institute, which provides patients with the opportunity to maximize their overall function and independence through the use of technology. The Assistive Technology Institute includes the following seven centers: Assistive Communication & Daily Living Center (ACDLC); Wheelchair & Positioning Center; Vestibular & Balance Center; Swallowing & Voice Center; Gait Analysis & Mobility Center; Prosthetic & Orthotic Center and Drivers Rehabilitation Center.

People living with a severe disability often experience substantial limitations because of barriers in their own home. Through the use of environmental control systems, individuals can improve the overall function in their daily life. In Marianjoy’s Adaptive Apartment, located in the Assistive Communication and Daily Living Center, patients are re-introduced to the daily activities of life at home. With the help of the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley grant, the Adaptive Apartment will be equipped with a variety of functional and communication technologies to assist patients in returning home, enabling the therapist to evaluate, assess and customize the technology for each person’s specific need.

“The use of adaptive environmental controls and computer equipment has been shown to improve a patient’s independence and reduce the amount of care he or she may need,” Kathleen Yosko, president and chief executive officer of Marianjoy, said in a news release. “Environmental control systems can allow a person to regain some independence, privacy, and control in their life. These systems can allow a person to turn on and off lights and small appliances, answer and make telephone calls, control the television, stereo, and DVD player, and even open doors. Adaptive equipment can also be used to access a computer and the Internet.”

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