Physiotherapy Associates Announces New Clinic

Physiotherapy Associates announced a new clinic location
in Erie, Pa. Known as Keystone Rehabilitation Systems – Erie South, the
clinic offers a comprehensive range of physical therapy services, as well as
treatment for lymphedema, specialized programs for dancers, gymnasts and other
performing artists, and a breast cancer rehabilitation program. Leading the
physical therapy services at the new clinic is Elizabeth Darling, DPT, OCS,

Darling has been a physical therapist for 9 years and an
athletic trainer for 10 years. She is a certified lymphedema therapist, and she
is also an orthopedic clinical specialist. She has worked with USA Gymnastics
for 9 years, traveling extensively with the national gymnastics team providing
physical therapy and athletic training services. She has also worked with USA
Diving and, in 2008, Darling was the diving team’s physical therapist at
the Olympic Games in Beijing. She is a graduate of Marquette University, and
later this year will accept the honor of most distinguished young alumna.

“Opening this clinic in Erie highlights the
opportunities we have as a company to provide cutting-edge physical therapy
services across the United States. By combining outstanding clinicians with new
facilities, Physiotherapy Associates allows millions of our patients to lead
healthier lives,” Pete Grabaskas, PT and chief operating officer of
Physiotherapy Associates, said in a news release.

In addition to the clinic’s physical therapy
services, a new program is available for patients recovering from breast
cancer. The program was developed to help patients return to their daily
activities quickly and safely. Patients schedule an office visit prior to
surgery where baseline measurements are taken. Then, patients are given a
personalized home program based on their needs and their corresponding surgical
procedure. Last, patients have appointments at the 3- and 6-month intervals
following surgery. Measurements are repeated and, if any deficits are noted,
the physician is contacted and an appropriate treatment plan is implemented.
This program helps identify any problems early and facilitates a smooth

“I am excited to help open this new facility. We
are providing a set of physical therapy services that are not currently offered
in this market. We use Pilates-based exercises for certain patients and offer
specific equipment for this type of rehabilitation. The Erie community will
benefit by returning to a healthier lifestyle,” Darling stated.

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