Breast Form Legislation Introduced

The American Association of Breast Care Professionals (AABCP) announced
the introduction of breast form legislation S3255. Co-sponsored by senator
Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and senator Olympia Snowe of Maine, the Custom
Fabricated Breast Prosthesis Act of 2010 will amend federal law to ensure
Medicare coverage for custom breast prostheses.

The AABCP holds as a core mission, advocacy for the post mastectomy

“Women who have survived breast cancer should have access to all
options for post surgical treatment,” Rhonda Turner, president of AABCP,
said in a press release. “The custom breast form should not be an option
in writing only.”

AABCP also believes that this bill will raise awareness not only for the
need for coverage for custom breast forms but adequate coverage for all
necessary post mastectomy treatments.

“We have been rewarded for our efforts by the introduction of the
bill and on behalf of the breast care industry and breast cancer survivors,
will continue to pursue the bill into law,” Turner said.

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