O-P Mall Announces Jodi Griggs as Director of E-Partnerships

The O-P Mall announced they have hired Jodi Griggs as the director of
e-Partnerships. Griggs comes to the O-P Mall from the Forbin division of VGM
where she previously served as the operations manager. She has worked for VGM
since 1999 and was originally a systems specialist in the information services
department. Her extensive experience in computer systems, web design and sales
make her uniquely qualified for the new position.

The O-P Mall is a division of VGM and OPGA located in Waterloo, Iowa.
“We feel very fortunate to have someone with Jodi’s unique combination of
determination, drive, talent and personality on board to lead the mall into the
future,” Dennis Clark, president of O-P Mall said in a press release.

  Jodi Griggs
  Jodi Griggs

Michael Burton, vice president of O-P Mall, agreed with Clark.

“Jodi is the piece of the puzzle that we needed to continue
building the mall in a manner that has significant benefits to both mall stores
and users,” Burton said.

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