DJO Global Closes Acquisition of Dr. Comfort

DJO Global, Inc. (DJO) vascular health and pain management, announced
that one of its indirect subsidiaries has closed the acquisition of Dr.

“Dr. Comfort has expanded the diabetic footwear market by providing
the medical community with a broad assortment of high quality and attractive
prescription-based footwear styles in a market that has traditionally been
served by unattractive and clinical-looking footwear products,” Les Cross,
president and chief executive officer of DJO Global, stated in a press release.
“With innovative thinking and sales channel expertise, Dr. Comfort has
driven provider and patient awareness of medically necessary diabetic footwear
as an important modality that can prevent more serious diabetic complications
such as foot ulcers. As a result, Dr. Comfort has achieved very strong growth
and the market leading position in diabetic footwear in the eight years it has
been in business. Use of prescribed therapeutic footwear by patients suffering
from diabetes complications, such as peripheral neuropathy and poor circulation
of the lower limbs, is proven effective treatment in preventing and treating
foot ulcers, which can eventually lead to toe and foot amputations. Wearing the
appropriate therapeutic footwear offers diabetes patients a significantly
improved outcome with their disease and improves their overall quality of life.
At the same time, medically necessary and prescribed therapeutic footwear can
also reduce the high cost of care associated with diabetic foot ulcers and leg
amputations, fitting nicely with DJO’s mission to provide effective and
conservative treatment modalities while reducing the high cost of health care.
With only a fraction of U.S. diabetic patients who need medically therapeutic
shoes actually receiving them, Dr. Comfort has a robust runway for continued
growth. Diabetes is a global disease, providing Dr. Comfort with a large
international market opportunity, although most of Dr. Comfort’s current
sales are in the U.S. On behalf of DJO, we look forward to Eric Lorenz,
president of Dr. Comfort, his management team and the Dr. Comfort employee
teams joining DJO Global. We look forward to our future growth opportunities

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