Health Care Coverage Cost for Employees Depends on Location

Nationwide, private-sector employees with single
coverage contributed 21% of the cost of their health insurance and employees
with family coverage paid 27%, according to data from the Medical Expenditure
Panel Survey (MEPS) by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Health insurance premiums nationwide averaged $4,940 for
single coverage and $13,871 for family coverage in 2010. Among the 10 largest
states, the annual cost of single coverage ranged from $4,669 in Ohio to $5,220
in New York, and family coverage ranged from $13,083 in Ohio to $15,032 in

About 18% of employees with single coverage and 10% of
employees with family coverage were not required to pay for any part of their
employer-sponsored health insurance. Among the 10 largest states in 2010,
employees who did not have to pay premiums for single coverage ranged from 12%
in Illinois to 24.5% in California. The range for employees with family
coverage was 3% in Florida to 17.5% in Pennsylvania.

The complete 2010 health insurance data for all states
are available on the MEPS Web site at

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