Ossur Releases 2011 Full Year Report

Ossur announced that its sales growth for 2011 amounted to $401 million, up 9% from sales in 2010. Bracing and supports had the highest sales growth with a 15% increase from 2010.

In 2011, Ossur opened a new facility in Tijuana, Mexico, which contributed significantly to the increase in sales and is already one of the most important manufacturing units in the company, according to a pressr release from the company. Ossur also launched 25 new products in 2011.

“Innovation continues to be a key element driving growth, with all segments and markets contributing. Among major milestones in 2011 was the opening of our new manufacturing facility in Mexico, strengthening our manufacturing capabilities and offering new opportunities,” Jón Sigurðsson, president and chief executive officer of Ossur, stated in the release. “Another milestone was the introduction of our latest addition to the company’s comprehensive bionic platform, the SYMBIONIC LEG, the first complete bionic leg on the market.”

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