Kingetics LLC announced that it has received a patent for its spring orthotic device for use by the Army, other Department of Defense entities and key markets in the government and civilian sectors.

In a Phase I project, the primary goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of the orthosis to reduce injury and enhance ambulatory performance using advanced composite materials. Researchers evaluated and selected two designs for initial testing, the Sport and Safety models. A standard issue desert combat boot housing prototype mechanically assisted the function of the orthosis when used on rugged, mountainous surfaces, as well as on flat, concrete surfaces.

Overall, the researchers found that the Kingetics orthosis was an improvement to military footwear. Puncture resistance of the Kingetics Orthotic Spring Plate averaged three times higher compared with the Belleville DES 390 military boots, whereas the Sport Model Heel Cradle averaged five times higher and the Safety Model Heel Cradle averaged ten times higher, according to study results.

If funded, Phase II will produce prototypes with systematic design variations and Phase III will validate and field test applications and further develop synergistic orthotic boot coverings.

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