Orthosis use can improve postural sway

The use of prefabricated orthotic arch supports improved postural sway, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

The study included 12 healthy young adults. Movement from center of pressure (COP) was measured for each participant with and without an orthosis. The researchers found that during orthosis use, the mean position of COP was significantly shifted forward and toward the dominant side. They also found that the mediolateral range of COP movement and the 95% confidence circle area of sway were significantly reduced.

“Orthotic insoles significantly improved postural sway initially by reducing mediolateral range of postural sway and 95% confidence circle area of sway at the cost of increased fractal dimension area variables and power,” the authors wrote in the study abstract.

For more information:

Bateni H. J ApplBiomech. 2013. Apr; 29(2): 174-9.

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