Ottobock microprocessor knee available for civilians

Ottobock announced that its X3 microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee is now available to civilians.

The waterproof X3 knee was developed primarily to help transfemoral amputee service members return to normal activities of daily living, as well as active duty if they choose, according to a press release. The knee uses intuitive technology that allows for a more natural gait and five activity modes that are activated using a key fob-sized remote.

“We are continuously looking for ways to return those with limb loss to a life and activity level they desire,” Brad Ruhl, president and chief executive officer of Ottobock US Healthcare, stated in the release. “With regard to the X3, it’s been extremely rewarding to collaborate with US military experts in the field of prosthetics to develop this one-of-a-kind leg. We look forward to hearing the stories of lives changed and being lived in a way never before thought possible.”

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