Ottobock’s Science Center Berlin celebrates fifth anniversary

Ottobock is celebrating the 5-year anniversary of its Science Center Berlin, which has had more than 525,000 visitors since its inauguration in June 2009.

According to a company press release, the center’s displays encourage hands-on interaction and explore topics such as walking and grasping, how people process stimuli from the environment, how innovative technology solutions are based on nature, a look beneath human skin at anatomy and the statistical risk of having diabetes, strokes and other common causes of needing a prosthesis or wheelchair. The Science Center Berlin also supplies a stage of the topic of mobility where scientific, political and orthopedic technology experts from around the world gather for the exchange of ideas.

“With over a half million visitors recorded – including ambassadors, heads of state, military officials, politicians and popular artists – there is no question that the Science Center Berlin is a great success,” Scott Schneider, chief marketing officer for Ottobock North America, stated in the release. “There is special significance with its location in the heart of the city as Ottobock was founded in Berlin in 1919. The company has in a sense returned to its roots to offer inspiration and education regarding human mobility, and it is gratifying to consider the large numbers from all walks of life who have been exposed to the orthotic and prosthetic and complex rehab industries due to this endeavor.”

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