New weight training device effective for upper limb amputees

LAS VEGAS – The Carter Cuff is an effective weight training device for those with impaired hand function, transradial and forequarter amputations, according to a speaker at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly.

Researchers at San Francisco State University conducted a trial of 6 physically active males in the U.S. and Canada, aged 15 years to 50 years. A total of 4 patients were amputees and the remaining 2 had impaired hand function.

Each patient performed monitored exercise over the course of 60 days using dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, a TRX harness and additional exercise machines.

“As far as performing the target exercises … almost all of the subjects were able to achieve full or moderate range of motion or had no difficulty performing most exercises,” Andrew Carter, founder of the Carter Cuff, chief operation officer of Carter Medical Devices and transradial amputee, said at the assembly.

According to a user satisfaction survey, the cuff was able to securely hold users’ prostheses in place while they pulled and lifted weight. Users said the device allowed for more load leverage, less stress torque on the prosthetic socket and increased exercise options.

The survey noted that some users experienced slight motion restriction due to material clustering around the elbow joint. Others found it difficult to strike an ideal weight balance between cuff and their sound side.

“Improvements will be sought in those areas,” Carter said. “A lighter grade and a capped version of the device with internal padding are being developed.”

Demographics are being expanded to include woman and people in the early stages of post-amputation or rehabilitation, and long term results after continued use will be included. The device will be available early next year. – by Shawn M. Carter


For more information:

Carter. Carter Cuff Upper Extremity Exercise Device — User Satisfaction Survey. Presented at: American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly. Sep. 4-7, 2014. Las Vegas.

Disclosure: Carter has no relevant financial disclosures.

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