OPIE to include Amputee Mobility Predictor in software

OPIE Software recently announced it is entering an agreement with Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy to include the Amputee Mobility Predictor functional outcome measures within the clinical documentation tracks of OPIE Patient Management software.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for practitioners to have access to evidence-based tools for measuring and documenting amputee functional levels within their daily clinical workflow,” Paul E. Prusakowski, CPO, FAAOP, founder and chief executive officer of OPIE Software, said in the release. “We will continue our educational efforts to help our users elevate standards of care with measurable clinical outcomes in preparation for an accountable value-based payment environment.”

“The integration of the [Amputee Mobility Predictor] AMP into OPIE Software provides O&P practitioners a powerful tool to approach amputee care with an evidence-based practice approach” Robert Gailey, PhD, PT, developer of the AMP, said in the release. “The AMP has the ability to determine the functional mobility of people with lower limb loss as defined by the Medicare Functional Classification Levels or K-Levels and is a measure of amputee function and impairment for the CMS mandated G-codes. Furthermore, goal-oriented interdisciplinary care coordination can more consistently be measured and communicated with this outcome measure. The AMP may be used by prosthetists, physical therapists and physicians for documentation and treatment planning.”

Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy Inc. is a therapist-owned and operated company that provides educational materials and seminars to the rehabilitation community.




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