VIDEO: O&P practitioners should be familiar with craniosynostosis

LAS VEGAS — O&P practitioners and clinicians should be knowledgeable in treating patients with craniosynostosis, Shannon O’Shea-Stueve, CPO, a clinic manager at Hanger Clinic, said at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting.

According to O’Shea-Stueve, craniosynostosis disrupts normal skull growth and can result in a malformed skull, as well as intracranial pressure.

“Being that the patient population is one in 2,000, it is a [niche] field and we want to make sure our practitioners, our certified prosthetists and orthotists, know how to manage that patient well,” O’Shea-Stueve said. “So that is the goal for the course: That everyone feels comfortable having that patient come to their office, knowing how to fit a cranial or molding orthosis to that patient, and getting the outcomes that our physicians want to see.”

Disclosure: O’Shea-Stueve reports sponsorship from Hanger Clinic.

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