VIDEO: Tyler, Limehouse discuss device training for upper limb amputees

LAS VEGAS — Training upper limb amputees on how to use their prostheses should be an integral part of an O&P practice, Joyce Tyler, OTR/L, CHT, a rehabilitation specialist for Hanger Clinic, and Bill Limehouse, CP, FAAOP, national upper limb specialist for Hanger Clinic, said at the Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting.

They said patients who are not properly trained in the use of their prostheses are at risk for reduced use or abandonment of the device.

“We want everyone to be current in all the technology,” Tyler said. “As the devices get more advanced and more complicated, without appropriate training, the patients will not use them and will abandon the prostheses.”

Disclosures: Tyler and Limehouse report sponsorship from Hanger Clinic.

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