NCOPE gives clinical mentor designation to 60 O&P professionals

Sixty O&P professionals have earned the Approved Clinical Mentor designation from the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education, according to a press release.

The course was created by the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) to help ensure that practitioners mentoring students and residents have received the correct training to teach and mentor students participating in an O&P education or residency program. Clinicians who want to earn the Approved Clinical Mentor designation must complete the 1-day training course and pass an online quiz.

The latest O&P professionals to earn the designation at the last course, held in September at the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association 2017 World Congress in Las Vegas are:

Aaron Christopher Moles, CP; Aaron Fitzsimmons, CP; Aarti Deshpande, CPO; Alexander M. Hetherington, CP, CFo; Angela J. Bryl, CPO; Ashley Harris Mullen, CPO; Brett R. Saunders, CPO, FAAOP; Brian Tolsma, CPO; Britt-Mary Guerre-Aguilar, CPO; Carol Grettum, CP, C.Ped., FAAOP; Catherine M. De Young Muller, CPO, FAAOP; Catherine T. Voss, CO; Charles C.A. LeDoux, CPO; Charles W. Kuffel, MSM, CPO, FAAOP; Christine Goehle, CPO; Chrysta Reana Irolla, CPO; Curt A. Bertram, CPO; Cyle A. Gates, CPO; Daniel Mead, CPO(c); David A. Yates, CPO, FAAOP; DeAnna Chapman, CPO, FAAOP; Deborah V. Graham, CPO; Denise Larkins, CPO; Donald Deane Doty Jr., CPO; Frances A. Kiser, CPO; Frank B. Caruso, CO; Hanna H. Dollard, CPO; Heidi A. Truman, CPO; and Herbert E. Niehuus Jr., CO.

The designation was also bestowed to the following: Jeffrey W. Linton, CPO; John P. Jacobs, CPO; Jonas M. Ljung, CPO; Jonathan D. Day, MA, CPO, LPO; Jonathon M. Juelich, CO; Jose A. Hernandez, CPO, CPed.; Joseph F. Ksiaskiewicz, CPO; Karl B. Barner, CPO; Keven P. Dunn, CPO; Kyle A. Sherk, CPO; Leslie Mead, CO(c); Linda Laakso, MSc, CO (c); Mark Douglas Clary, CPO, FAAOP; Mark S. Hopkins, CPO; Michael F. Bonnar, CO; Michael K. Carroll, CPO; Michael L. Kiser, CO; Michelle J. Hall, CPO, FAAOP; Nathaniel S. Hampson, CPO; Pamala D. Lupo, CO; Robert H. Hellner, CPO; Roger E. Shoemaker, MS, CPO; Ronald G. Okubo, CPO; Sarah Phan Bui, CPO; Sean R. Zeller, CPO; Shane R. Wurdeman, CP; Shawn B. Klindworth, CO; Sheryl N. Nathanson, CPO; Thomas H. Colburn, CO, CPed., FAAOP; Todd C. O’Hare, CPO; and Yim Lok, CO (c).

The next course will be held during the AOPA National Assembly in Vancouver, British Columbia. NCOPE will announce the course date and location details, once confirmed, at


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