Direct marketing to physical therapy groups generates new revenue potential

BOSTON – Physical therapy groups are one of the most effective sources from which an O&P clinic can acquire new clients and generate new revenue, according to a presenter at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly here.

Scott Schall, CP, MSE, BSME, co-owner and business director of Optimus Prosthetics in Dayton, Ohio presented results of a 3-year pilot study on the sales growth after an O&P practice developed and implemented a marketing strategy to directly reach physical therapy groups.

Schall said that many physical therapists are uncomfortable dealing with amputee patients because they have little experience and knowledge about handling this patient demographic. To rectify this, Optimus Prosthetics created the Prosthetics for Therapists course, offered by clinicians to better educate physical therapists on how to treat amputee patients. The program, held quarterly in the physical therapists’ office, was free of charge and the physical therapists received an e-certificate upon completion of the course. After the course, the physical therapists received a monthly e-newsletter.

Schall said the program was well-received from all the physical therapists who completed the course. After the inception of the program in 2008, he said that Optimus Prosthetics saw a minimum of 21% sales increase in each of the subsequent 3 years.

“The Prosthetics for Therapists program isn’t the sole reason for why we have had this growth, but it is a major contributing factor,” Schall said.

Patient referrals from therapists also increased from less than 2% in 2008 to more than 30% in 2011.

“I think that indicates that we have built that rapport with these therapy groups,” Schall said. “They are excited to work with amputee patients and hopefully are getting better outcomes and have more confidence with these patients.”

For more information:

Schall S. Revenue generation by providing clinical education. Presented at the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association National Assembly 2012. Sept. 6-9, Boston.

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