Paceline announces Orthomerica’s Seal PVA business

Paceline Inc. has acquired Orthomerica’s Seal PVA business, according to a press release.

“The addition of the Seal PVA business adds to Paceline’s growing portfolio of lamination products, including closed-end PVA, resins, carbon, nyglass, FeatherStretch and more,” David Glontz, director of sales for Paceline, said in the release. “This divestiture will also allow Orthomerica to continue focusing on the expansion of their core product lines.”

He added, “Seal PVA item numbers will remain in place, and production of the Seal PVA will continue at its current location. The only change effective immediately is that all new orders will now come from Paceline.”

Those with specific questions about the acquisition or the transition process, are encouraged to contact Glontz at

Editor’s note: On April 5, the article was modified to reflect an updated company press release.


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